Dr Tom Kerns
North Seattle Community College


Leo Tolstoy

(1828 - 1910)


Information about Tolstoy

  • For some sample reviews of A Confession, see what some general readers have volunteered about this title at amazon.com. One reader, for example, says: "I first read, A Confession, more than 15 years ago, when as a confused teenager, I was looking for some meaning to my life. Who hasn't gone through this? Immediately after reading this book, I felt a sense of relief that someone had put into words that which is always in the back of all our minds: The question of, What is the Meaning of Life? A Confession is a simple, straightforward account of Tolstoy's religious and spiritual crisis at the age of 50, when his family, fame, wealth, etc., lost meaning for him..."

Interesting Tolstoy websites

  • Here is an online version of Tolstoy's A Confession
  • Some very-low-cost kindle editions of Tolstoy's A Confession are available here for immediate download.

Assignments (not assigned most quarters)

  • Read Tolstoy, A Confession (entire) by the due date (if assigned this quarter)
  • Write out answers to the study questions for Tolstoy's A Confession and post them to the class by the date you are due to be finished reading the book (if assigned this quarter)