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(c.46 - 120 AD)


Information about Plutarch

Steve Duncan writes:

Plutarch was a Roman writer and philosopher, part of a philosophical movement known as the Middle Platonists. Although his technical philosophical works are lost, his popular works are regarded as masterpieces of style and are eminently quotable. Plutarch's writings were especially popular during the Renaissance and early modern period, influencing Lord Shaftsbury (who also wrote a book of Lives) among others. There's a large body of philosophical literature from Imperial times (such as the writings of Seneca, Aulus Gellius, and Apuleius) that was once quite popular but which few people read anymore. Maybe someday it will be rediscovered.

Interesting Plutarch websites

Plutarch is best known for his Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans, which are biographical studies of individual lives, and for his "parallel lives," in which he compares different people's lives. Plutarch's Lives are now available online. His Moralia, or essays, are also available online here.

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