Dr Tom Kerns
North Seattle Community College


Self Evaluations

Note: These SEs are one of the absolute requirements for this course; it is impossible to pass this course without turning in complete self evaluations when they are due. (The course grade will be incrementally reduced one step for each day the SE is late.)


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I. Mid-quarter Self Evaluation

  • One or two midterm self-evaluations of your work in this class will be required. Two or three weeks into the quarter I will ask you to email me your completed Midterm SE form.

    Please remember: You will need to keep records of everything you do related to this course during the quarter, because this is all to be very exact - no estimates or approximations (except for section 1). These materials will be a large determinant in my assigning your final grade.

    You must use this downloadable Form for completing your Midterm Self Evaluation. Please download the Form here, complete the required information, and email it to me by the deadline.

II. Research project Self Evaluation

  • Please download and use this form for completing your project SE

III. Final Self Evaluation

  • This Final SE covers your work for the entire quarter, not just the second half
  • Please download and use this form for completing your final SE