Dr Tom Kerns
North Seattle Community College


Study Questions for

Plato's Apology

  1. Is the Apology an apology? Explain what you mean by your answer.

  2. If you had to divide the Apology into three or four segments, what would those sections be? What happens in each part?

  3. Socrates speaks of two sorts of accusers the old and the recent. Which does he think are the more dangerous? Why?

  4. What (and where, i.e., stephanus numbers) are the main charges against Socrates?

  5. What is his answer to each charge?

  6. Socrates says at stephanus 30c that if the Athenians kill him they will be harming themselves more than him. What are his reasons for saying this, do you think?

  7. What do you think Socrates means by his "divine sign" (daimon)?

  8. What does Socrates feel that he deserves for his behavior?

  9. Why does Socrates refer to himself as a gadfly? What do you think he means by this metaphor?