Dr Tom Kerns
North Seattle Community College


A few significant dates
in classical Greece

Our people

Socrates (470-399 BC, age 70)

Plato (428-347 BC, age 81. He's 29 when Socrates dies)

Aristotle (384-322 BC, age 62. He's 37 when Plato dies)

Hippocrates (c. 460- ? BC)

Thucydides (460-398 BC, age 62)


490 BC Persian Wars (Athens Won)

470 BC Birth of Socrates (470-399 BC, 70)

431 BC Peloponnesian War begins (431-404). Athens lost. 27 years (Around age 40 or so Socrates fought in this war)

430 BC Plague kills 1/2 the population, including Pericles. Second year of war

428 BC Birth of Plato (428-347, 81) at Athens. Fourth year of Peloponnesian War

423 BC Aristophanes comedy The Clouds performed (parody of Socrates)

416 BC Agathon presents his first tragedy, gives the party recounted in Plato's Symposium.

415 BC (The Melian Dialog, in Thucydides' History)

411 BC Setting date for The Republic

404 BC End of the Peloponnesian War. Athens surrenders to Sparta. Reign of the "Thirty Tyrants." Plato is 24

400 BC Thucydides dies

399 BC Socrates' trial and execution for impiety and corrupting the youth.(Socrates is 70 years old, Plato is 29)

399-387BC Plato writes the Early dialogues: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Laches, Charmides, Ion, Lysis, Protagoras, & Gorgias

387BC Plato's first trip to Syracuse; friendship with Dion, son in law and brother in law of Dionysius, tyrant of Syracuse

386BC Foundation of Plato's Academy at Athens

386-67BC Middle dialogues written: Meno, Cratylus, Euthydemus, Phaedo, Symposium, Menexenus, Republic, Phaedrus, Parmenides, Theaetetus

384BC Birth of Aristotle (384-322, 62) at Stagirus, in Macedonia

3??BC Plato's second trip to Syracuse, attempt to educate Dionysius II into a Philosopher-king. Aristotle joins the Academy at age 17. Plato dies 20 years later

366-61BC Sophist, Statesman written

361BC Plato's third trip to Syracuse

360-347BC Late dialogues written: Philebus, Timaeus, Critias, Laws

356BC Birth of Alexander the Great in Pella, Macedonia

347BC Death of Plato in Athens. Aristotle is 37