Dr Tom Kerns
North Seattle Community College


Policy on
Classroom Etiquette

Polite and respectful discourse in the classroom is such an accepted practice that virtually everyone respects and observes it. However, it may be worth underscoring the importance of this friendliness and mutual respect in classroom discussions, if only because this class may sometimes be discussing matters about which some people hold strong opinions. It will be crucial to the success of the course that everyone be able to question and closely examine the matters we will be discussing in an atmosphere of friendliness, mutual respect, and emotional safety.

We therefore expect that all messages posted publicly to the classroom and privately to individuals will be phrased in a polite, friendly and respectful manner. Of course, almost everyone follows this practice already without even being asked to.

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It does sometimes happen though, however rarely, that something about the online environment will draw out the worst behaviors in a very small minority of people. For that very small minority, it may be necessary for the following, more detailed limits to be clearly defined.

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limits on inappropriate classroom behaviors