Dr Tom Kerns
North Seattle Community College


Study Questions for

The Book of Proverbs

  1. In 1:2-7 what is said to be the value and purpose of studying these proverbs? See also chapter 3 for this answer.

  2. Wisdom is personified as feminine and she warns what will happen if you disregard her (1:20-32), and throughout the first 9 chapters. What does she warn will happen?

  3. In chapters 1-9 wisdom promises benefits that happen if you take wisdom to heart. What are some of those benefits?

    1. Wisdom is personified as female, and foolishness is also personified as female, a harlot. Describe some of the characteristics of each, according to the first 9 chapters of Proverbs.

      A. Wisdom is seen as. . .

      B. The harlot foolishness is seen as. . .

  4. Briefly explain 10:23.

  5. What do you think 11:29 means?

  6. What do you think 12:15 means?

  7. What do you think 16:6 means?

  8. What do you think 17:10 means?

  9. What do you think 20:27 means?

  10. What do you think 27:17 means?

  11. Now you pick 3 proverbs that are especially meaningful to you, from anywhere in the whole Book of Proverbs. Then briefly explain what each one means to you.