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Your Final Self-Evaluation

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General grading policy

You must use this downloadable Form for completing your Final Self Evaluation. 
Please download it here, complete the required information, and turn it in to me by the deadline.

The following materials should be emailed to me on the final class day. Each item should be listed separately, should be in the order listed here, and numbered. It should be very legible, and it should be done neatly. You will need to keep records of everything related to the course during the whole quarter, because this is all to be very exact - no estimates. These materials will be a large determinant in my assigning your final grade. Give a short summary at the end of each item.


section 1: An accurate estimate of the amount of time you spent online per week.

section 2: An exact record of all book-reading assignments and the dates due.
a. Did you do the assignment? What percent of it?
b. Did you do it on time?

section 3: A record of any extra reading you did and whether or not you took notes on that reading, or discussed it at any length with others.

section 4: An exact record of all study question assignments and dates due.
a. Did you do the assignment?
b. Did you do it on time?

section 5: An accurate record of your completion of online discussion assignments. Did you participate early in the week so that others could respond to your comments?

section 6: Did you do other related writing this quarter? Journals? Short papers? Personal reflections? Philosophical emails or letters to friends/family?

section 7: Did you do your Research Report? On time? (Don't forget to complete a detailed self-evaluation of your project. See the page for guidelines.)

section 8: Tests and exams. Show me a record of how you did on each exam & quiz.

section 9: Keep a complete record of how you've done on the memorization and recitation of your quotes.
a. What percent of them have you completed?
b. What percent of them did you complete on time?

section 10: Did you do any other "extras" that were related to this course?

section 11: Did you take good notes, or marginal notes, on your readings?

section 12: Now here's where you do a self-evaluation in two parts: (a) What criteria do you think should be used to assess the progress and work of a student in a philosophy course such as this one, especially one done online? Include all criteria you think are important. And then (b) How did you do on each of those criteria? A good way to do this is to have two vertical columns (if your computer allows you to do this); in the left column list the criteria, and in the right column write how you did against each criterion. (Or any other arrangement that works for you.) Be pretty complete on this one.

section 13: Finally, what grade do you think you deserve for this course, and why? (Please figure your grade on the 4.0 scale.)

When due: The above 12 points are due on the last class day.

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